Me with dear friends and family at

the Clio Art Fair, New York, NY March 2019

I was born into a world of art.  My father, an architect and a sculptor, designed my childhood home - so I quite literally grew up surrounded by his creativity. Although my given name is Rona, he only ever referred to me by my nickname, Ponie. It seemed fitting then, to sign my work by this name – a gesture of gratitude to my father for instilling in me a love of art that has nourished me ever since I can remember.

I grew up in Montreal, Canada but went to Brandeis University in Boston as a theatre major. That was where I first learned about unspoken communication – how facial expression, clothes and gesture could telegraph better than words. I did a stint as a mime, but that is an embarrassing story for another time. Suffice it to say, it was a good primer for my artwork to come.

Upon graduation, I came to New York as a graduate student at Pratt Institute for design where I got my masters in communication arts. It led me to a 30-year career as a creative director in advertising – an industry very much reliant on observing human behavior.  With unintended consequences, the hundreds of focus groups I attended, where I listened to consumers from every corner of the country, inspired many of the characters who populate my work.  

And then there are both the brave and absurd characters we read about every day. The news never ceases to provide me with material to draw from.

All these people have found ways into my work and help me see the world with a much-needed, sense of humor.

Ponie O, aka Rona Oberman, is an award winning creative director in advertising having won such awards as the Cannes Lion, the Art Director's award, the Kelly awards, the Effies, and the London International Advertising awards. In addition to creative directing, she also currently works as a video editor and content creator.

As an artist, Ponie O has had 2 one-woman shows, one in Soho, New York and the other in Providence, Rhode Island. Her work has been sold all over the world, including the UK, Canada and Japan.