©2019 Ponie O




People with green thumbs. People with Purple Hearts.©   29" X 33"

This piece aims to shed light on the often undepicted heroes of our military – namely,

the brave men and women who have been wounded in combat and have therefore received a purple heart.

By juxtaposing this group of strong, resilient yet somber group of people

with the happy, light-hearted and colorful gardeners - I hope to encourage the viewer

to contemplate the sacrifice of these military heroes in a non-didactic way.

Each Ponie O piece begins as a digital painting

and then is reproduced as an archival pigment dye print.

Then each character is individually hand-cut

and mounted onto different layers of foam core to create a 3D effect.

In this way, it is both a limited edition but also a one-of-a-kind piece.